Any image you see on this web site is available in several formats!  

The newest and most exciting product I offer are photos printed onto metal, then either floated onto a textured sheet of aluminum or framed in your choice of metal or wood moldings.  I offer the image, too, just as a metal photo, allowing the customer to have it framed at their local frame shop in any molding they choose. These can measure up to 96" in length. 


   Every one of my metal images is limited in its edition.


    I also offer canvas giclees that provide a more traditional look.  There is virtually no limit as to the size these can be produced. 


Here are the most common sizes sold of my exciting new images on metal:

7x10 image floated onto a 9x12" textured aluminum sheet -- $125 + $15 shipping

12x18" image floated onto a 18x22" textured alumimum sheet -- $325 + $40 shipping

20x30" image floated onto a 24x34" textured alumimum sheet -- $900 + $125 shipping

Any image is also available in a custom size going up to 96" in length!  Call or email for an estimate.


(415) 595-1273